Introducing the XW4 Series

Height and slew monitoring

The XW4 monitors a heavy machinery’s height and slew movement. It has been designed to accurately restrict using feather touch proportional hydraulic control a machines height and left/right slew parameters ensuring operator and machine safety, safe/comfortable for the operator and the environment around the machine.

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What are the key features?

Height Control

Height Control

All motions are individually controlled with feather touch ramped hydraulic slow down and soft stop. Eliminating the machine bounce, overshoot or undershoot, which is gentler on the machine and safer for the operator and their surroundings. An optional chassis sensor can be installed to correct for terrain slope.

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Slew Control

Slew Control

Controlling the slew of any machine used in construction is an important part of the safety and productivity equation. This is a part of the site safety puzzle that is often overlooked by contractors and their operators but can be simply addressed with the right equipment.

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Suitable for

  • Excavators
  • Backhoe loaders
  • Special purpose machines
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