Introducing the SS1 Series

Self-install height solution

The Simple Safe One is a no-nonsense angular motion limiter that can be used on a variety of hydraulic plant to provide basic height limitation where the sophistication of our XW Series products is not required. Operation is simple and fool-proof. The control key can be removed to provide permanent limitation if required.

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Key features

Height Limitation

Height Limitation

On/Off solenoid valves, proportional valves, and electrical motion control are all supported. Valves are not supplied. Where proportional valves are used, there are adjustable slow-down angles and equipment speed settings to provide a controlled soft-stop to the equipment.

Precise Controls

Precise Controls

SS1 also has the added benefit of an internal warning so the operator is always aware of the limit. Angle measurement is courtesy of a gyro compensated solid state sensor with near direct drive performance.

The compact control module samples angle data 250 times a second providing precise control.

Maintenance Free

Maintenance Free

Components are supplied by a leading edge German manufacturer with a 50 year track record in industrial control.

Reliability and longevity are key. Installation can be achieved by any competent plant fitter. No calibration is required. With the exception of the key switch, there are no moving parts. Bar occasional visual inspection, the system is maintenance free.

Telematics and data logging are available.

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Suitable for

  • Excavators
  • Truck-mounted cranes
  • Flails & Mowers
  • Loading shovels
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